"Sold out the first weekend"

“Kevin let me in early on this new device, I ordered a few boxes to start off with and I sold out the first weekend…no kidding!”

~R. Mausen Clearwater Fl.

"This really works!"

This invention really works. I’m amazed at how small and light this product is. Great job!

~Michael B. - West Palm Beach, Fl

"WOW, No more back pain"

WOW!… No more back pain. I never realized how many times I actually bent over during a round of golf. With the Magnecaddy and no back pain I’m always ready to play an extra round.

~Kevin S. Houston, TX

"Impressive gadget"

What an amazing gadget for golf!

~John R. - Miami, Fl

"AMAZING! What kind of magnet is in this thing?"

AMAZING! What kind of magnet is in this thing? You were right about “no more bending”. I’m about to order more for my other clubs. This product really works.

~Cheryl C. - Memphis, TN